Sunday, 12 October 2008

We're Gonna Have A Revolution...

Life is constantly changing.

Here I am back in KL after a crazy year in Taiwan, which included making awesome lifelong friends, learning Chinese beyond what I ever thought I could, rescuing dogs, eating smelly tofu, learning to surf (badly), riding around on the backs of people's scooters/ motorbikes, falling in love, working for free at a friend's wonderful veggie cafe, having my heart broken, finding an incredible job in Taipei only to have it fall through last minute, writing music and much much more. Thank you Taiwan for one of the best, most unforgettable years of my life.

So again I am at a new turning point on this adventure we call life. I am both excited and scared, because I don't want to get stuck in any kind of rut, like I have before. The choice to come home to KL wasn't completely my own, but in the end, I decided that it was the best choice when all was taken into account.

My plans for now are to help my sisters out with some of their great projects and then next year head off to Tree of Life in Arizona for their Live Food Instructor course and Spiritual Veganic Farming course. Of course I'd love to do their Mastery Program but 2 years is a little too long :) After that, back to Malaysia to start the Raw Food Revolution here.. via a raw food gourmet restaurant, perhaps a catering service, raw food education and workshops, some ready made raw food products etc.. which I would love to eventually expand into some kind of franchise so that others in SEA can take on the framework and develop their own successful restaurants. Sounds like a big call but hey, dream big right?

My parents also have a fruit orchard which has been lying pretty idle for a while, so I am aiming to turn it into a fully functional organic farm using permaculture and veganic farming principles. It will be interesting to see what this black thumbed gal comes up with ;) Hopefully something will survive!

So yes, big plans. I am determined to make it all happen. I often dream big but then things get in the way and I can't get to where I've been trying to get.. but I do believe if I keep working hard, it will all work out how it is meant to.

On a personal level, I am starting up 100% raw tomorrow, Monday 13/10. I've bought a few new raw books to get me interested again and have been reading Victoria Boutenko's great books! Also, I am using my brother's new computer which means I should be able to upload photos more!! I am so going to read veganyumyum's post on taking great food photos (because hers are amazing!).

Raw it up darlings! The revolution is upon us.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Miin,

I suppose Im two years too late in posting a comment but Ive just recently stumbled upon your blog and it's awesome stuff.

How are your raw adventures going in Malaysia? Im a Malaysian working in Australia and Ive just recently come upon this raw food revolution post detox retreat in Thailand.

Do you have a new blog where you post now?